Have you ever used a cosmetic blending sponge? Well, I bet many of you have. Since Beautyblender®, the cosmetics applicators manufacturer launched this tear-drop shaped cosmetics sponge in 2003 and it has become the favourite application tool of many professional makeup artists around the world over these 14 years. (Photo Credits: Feel Wunderbar) Although I […]

Skin care is a key factor to a makeup-free life while looking good. Although skin care routine is super personal, Korean girls are spending great effort taking care of their skin. That’s why they’re envied all over the world for their flawless fair skin! (Photo Credits: Shutterstock) Being one of the many Korean beauty experts […]

Skin care is a key factor to a makeup-free life while looking great. Skin care routine is so personal and it seems that no two routines are exactly same. While some prefer such simple steps as “cleanse -> moisturise”, some like adding serum, eye cream or facial mask before or after toning. (Photo Credits: Lera […]

Each night after shower, you thoroughly cleanse your face, and smooth on the premium skincare. Yet when you wake up the next morning, your skin still looks dull and even there appear inexplicable breakouts… Ewww! What exactly had happened? (Photo Credits: Good House Keeping) The reason behind might be your pillow — your intimate buddy […]

Pigmentation, fine lines, laxity… Being the culprit behind these skin problems, UV rays is undoubtedly women’s biggest enemy. But, to regain fair skin, besides using sunscreen and skin whitening products regularly, works can also be done from within! (Photo Credits: Become Gorgeous) Among the many staple food, tomatoes are well-known for their powerful properties. Not […]

After an adrenaline fuelled 4 nights and 3 days, the RISE2017 tech conference has inevitably come to an end. Much RedBull and alcohol have been consumed, acquittances met, business connections made and while it was undeniably bittersweet, everyone has reverted back to their respective reality. Having attended the entire 3 full days (day conference) and […]

Before reading on, raise your head and take a look at the phubbers around you. How do their postures look like? Well, that’s how exactly yours looked like just now! *smiles* (Photo Credits: Stocksnap) When focusing on smartphones, our head and body unconsciously lean forward, leading to slouching, thereby restricting the movement of our ribs […]

If you’re constantly late, people might associate you with negative qualities like selfish, inconsiderate, irresponsible… etc.  Oh noooo~! Actually, a lack of punctuality could mean you care your feelings more than that of your beloved ones and co-workers, and the main reasons behind are probably these 8 bad habits. Kick them all now──Don’t waste any […]

Who doesn’t wanna be confident in wearing less in Summer? I believe many girls have already made appointment for laser hair removal. But as mentioned last week (review it here!), it’s absolutely no simple business. Discover the other 4 things you should never do when getting laser hair removal now! (Photo Credits: Skin Deep Cosmetic […]

Overview 15,000 and more registered attendees, over 100+ CEOs scheduled to arrive, and a community primed with 500 businesses originating from 60-odd countries; RISE 2017 has unequivocally been one of the most anticipated tech conferences in the world. We are talking about meeting key members of conglomerates, hearing it from the decision makers, and not […]