Being a woman is really not easy – we use most of our spare time caring for our skin. Recently a friend of mine is wondering why she gets zits even if she takes as much care as she can. Suffering from the same problem as her? Well, time to take a look what’s going […]

Having a flawless canvas is exactly what an artist needs to build his/her masterpiece, and the same applies to your gorgeous face. Primer, foundation, concealer — being the 3 core members of base makeup, primer undoubtedly takes the lead, but you know what? The order of using foundation and concealer does matter, as long as […]

Knowing your skin tone is as important as knowing your blood type – Alright, perhaps it sounds like I’m exaggerating… but trust me, when it comes to make-up, an understanding of your skin tone is the key! Recalling the days being a makeup newbie, had you picked up a foundation or lipstick that ended up […]

Is your shampoo safe? A recent Consumer Council test revealing over 2/3 of 60 tested shampoos contained irritative substances has significantly called attention of the society. Indeed, we use shampoo everyday for clean hair and relaxed scalp, not for allergic reactions and eczema, right? So, last week we’ve looked into some common harmful shampoo ingredients […]

Bathing is no doubt the most joyful moment everyday (well, besides sleeping perhaps). Bath time products wash away dirt and tiredness but some of them are loaded with bad chemicals, damaging our skin and health in the long run! We have soaps (which are relatively safer and more natural) instead of body wash for our […]

When it comes to the hardest beauty techniques to conquer, what takes the cake may not be a pair of perfect cat eyes or flawless red lips, but a perfect foundation application. Speaking of “cake”, is that what your face looks like right now? If so, you’re doing it wrong. (Photo Credits: Beauty Health.Tips) Sometimes […]

Have you ever used a cosmetic blending sponge? Well, I bet many of you have. Since Beautyblender®, the cosmetics applicators manufacturer launched this tear-drop shaped cosmetics sponge in 2003 and it has become the favourite application tool of many professional makeup artists around the world over these 14 years. (Photo Credits: Feel Wunderbar) Although I […]

Skin care is a key factor to a makeup-free life while looking good. Although skin care routine is super personal, Korean girls are spending great effort taking care of their skin. That’s why they’re envied all over the world for their flawless fair skin! (Photo Credits: Shutterstock) Being one of the many Korean beauty experts […]

Skin care is a key factor to a makeup-free life while looking great. Skin care routine is so personal and it seems that no two routines are exactly same. While some prefer such simple steps as “cleanse -> moisturise”, some like adding serum, eye cream or facial mask before or after toning. (Photo Credits: Lera […]

Each night after shower, you thoroughly cleanse your face, and smooth on the premium skincare. Yet when you wake up the next morning, your skin still looks dull and even there appear inexplicable breakouts… Ewww! What exactly had happened? (Photo Credits: Good House Keeping) The reason behind might be your pillow — your intimate buddy […]