Our Mission Statement

To be the largest global online retailer of valuable cosmetics and skincare products and to nurture our community of bold, confident, elegant blush ladies!


Blush started off in a humble cosy office in Hong Kong back in October 2015. Our founders wanted to spend time creating something; something that adds value to our community. We had a dream to provide cosmetics and skincare products of the best quality and we aim to improve your shopping experience through online where you are given the most authentic reviews.


Today, when you step into our office, you will find the space abuzz with awesome music, camera snaps, typing fingers and lots of laughter! We have a really great office environment. Our office wall is adorably decorated with the painting of our blush girl logo – and behind that wall is another room where we shoot some of our amazing videos you see on this site. We are constantly seeking out best practices, and innovative strategies to deliver better experience for our online community of happy shoppers!


Blush aims to be the largest online retailer of women’s cosmetics and skincare products in Hong Kong, and then China! Our top priority is to nurture our community of bold, confident and elegant Blush ladies!