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Features a high quality fragrance free eye-shadow formula, with a wide varieties of elegant and beautiful colors and different textures. The super fine, long lasting powder makes the color stay as fresh as newly applied.

Silky (S) – New-sensation texture with a nuance of pearl. The high sense of transparency allows it to be applied on top of other eyeshadows to create a veil of pearl. Some of the colors can also be used as highlight / brow bone shades.
Pearl (P) – Pigmented with a hint of shimmers and glitters for pearly and coloring, lasting beautiful finish. Some delicate pearl tones can be used as eyeshadow base too.
Metallic (ME) – Featuring the shimmer of pearl and lame pigments to give a shiny and metallic finish.
Matte (M) – Highly Pigmented. Gives a powdery and moist feeling without disguising the true nature of the color.


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